30 Jun 2015

RdSAP Fuel Price changes from 1st July and their impact on ECO and Green Deal

On 1st July the default fuel prices in RdSAP are changing, and this will therefore impact HHCRO savings for ECO and Green Deal Finance calculations.  The main fuels and associated price changes are summarised below.

Fuel Jan ’15


Jul ‘15


% change
Mains gas 4.18 4.25 1.67%
Heating oil 5.75 5.43 -5.57%
Bulk LPG 8.44 8.46 0.24%
Bottled LPG 10.76 10.61 -1.39%
LPG subject to special condition 18 4.18 4.25 1.67%
House coal 3.95 4.01 1.52%
Std rate electricity 14.81 15.06 1.69%
Off peak electricity 6.49 6.67 2.77%
On peak electricity 17.48 17.81 1.89%
Electricity sold to the grid 14.81 15.06 1.69%

Green deal savings calculated using current rates
ECO scores (HHCRO) calculated using price at date of customer sign off

For ECO this will only affect HHCRO scores, as these are based on fuel prices. The fuel price to use is based on the customer sign-off date for the installation, so any installation with a customer sign-off date recorded as on or after 1st July 2015 on Property Hub will have the score calculated using the new prices. On the Assessment App, the ECO score will always use the latest fuel prices.

For Green Deal Finance, the typical annual savings, and hence Green Deal Finance figures are based on the latest fuel prices. These calculations always use today’s fuel figures. If you’ve lodged a GDIP and made a plan application from Property Hub before 1st July, this will be fine, but if you adjust the Green Deal Finance package in any way from 1st July, the new prices will be applied. On the Assessment App, the Green Deal Finance calculations will always use the latest fuel prices.

It is therefore important you ensure your Assessors install the latest pcdf file (this includes the fuel price changes) on their App to get the correct HHCRO scores and Green Deal finance figures – they will get a notification of its availability, from Tuesday evening.

These default fuel prices change every 6 months, so the next scheduled change is 1st January 2016.

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