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Our mobile software provides Chartered Surveyors with an effective tool for undertaking RICS HomeBuyer Reports. Our solution not only meets the needs of the residential surveying market, but reduces the turnaround time to complete a HomeBuyer Report, enabling surveyors to be more productive with each job. Inbuilt validation and formatting improves consistency, accuracy and quality, whilst minimising valuation risk and PI exposure to claims.

The software enables surveyors to complete a RICS HomeBuyer Report in one easy to use intuitive mobile application on-site at the property, removing additional administration often required to complete a finished report. Surveyors can use the software to capture electronic site notes, photographs and digital floor plans, providing further evidence to support a report. All the information gathered is stored online to help defend possible claims and provide an accessible audit trail.

  • Dynamic job overview screens, displaying key information, including property details, instructions, schedule, diary and additional notes.*
  • Map route functionality suggesting best routes for each job on the day. With estimated travel time between appointments and intelligently scheduled to optimise time between each job.*
  • Capture survey data electronically whilst collecting site notes, including photographic evidence to build the report sections.
  • Photographs taken using the iPad are time, date and GPS stamped and can be added to the RICS Homebuyer Report.
  • Dictation of site notes can be taken within the application utilising the iPad ‘SIRI’ functionality, converting your words into text.
  • Use the floor plan tool to create fully editable floor plans quickly and easily, with annotations and automated floor area calculations.
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  • Use standard phrases within the App or create custom descriptions to generate reports and site notes quickly and consistently.
  • Advisory sections I and J of the report are automatically cross referenced with property inspection elements.
  • In-built access to Rightmove SCT comparable data, with advanced ‘compare’ tools to support the property valuation analysis.*
  • Ability to review and easily edit report before final submission, followed by a simple approval and submission process.
  • On completion, finished reports are conveniently mapped into a RICS HomeBuyer Report format, with additional surveyor site notes.
  • Documentation and site notes are stored online with easy access, to provide an electronic audit trail to support the defense of claims.


*Available if integrated with Survey Hub.

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