Floor Plan

Our mobile software provides an intuitive tool for completing accurate floor plans on-site, using one simple user interface.

Surveyors can easily draw and annotate property floor plans using sketch tools and comprehensive room features. Floor area measurements are automatically calculated, with the option to integrate with OS MasterMap and import a property footprint, saving considerable time and effort on larger or more complex properties.


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  • Import existing floor plans – using an existing image or photo of a floor plan, which can be rendered and used as a tracing guide. Integration with OS MasterMap also enables a property‚Äôs footprint to be directly imported.
  • Comprehensive tool box – with complex room features including angled and curved bays that can be dropped onto the plan and adjusted easily. Surveyors can also create bespoke room labels for re-use on subsequent plans.
  • Separate annotation layers – enabling comments to be added over the drawn floor plan. The annotation layers can be switched on and off to allow the surveyor to continue making adjustments to the drawn plan.
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  • Auto measurement conversion – by entering the average thickness for the property, the software automatically translates an externally measured property plan into the gross internal floor area.
  • Automatic meta-data transfer – takes data (where applicable) from a floor plan across to a valuation or report with pre-populated answers. This includes data such as floor areas, floor level counts and construction types.

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