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Our web based desktop software provides lenders with a simplified submission platform to meet the new Prudential Regulatory Authority’s SS13/16 portfolio landlord underwriting standards. Our solution not only meets the new underwriting standards, but solves the administration burden on brokers during the underwriting process, whilst providing a robust platform for lenders to make accurate loan application decisions.

The software allows lenders to configure their own rules around Interest Coverage Ratios and Loan To Value exposures and manage them in real-time in accordance with risk appetite and exposure levels within their business. The software provides brokers with the ability to easily import landlord data from multiple spreadsheets, which is automatically verified and converted into lender specific templates, before an application is submitted.

Lender features

  • Ability to control users who have access to the system, including internal personnel and the acceptance of requests to work with external brokers.
  • Configurable lender specific rule parameters against interest rates, thresholds and tolerances, enabling applications to be evaluated against these values.
  • Automated stress testing against landlord or broker submitted property values and supported by data from multiple AVM service providers.
  • Instantly produced PDF summary reports created for each application and automatically emailed to specified recipients in real-time.
  • Easy access to view audit trail for each application at portfolio or property level.
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Broker features

  • Complete oversight and management of applications in one intuitive dashboard.
  • Ability for firms to manage a database of users who have access to the system.
  • Ease of uploading existing portfolio property data (via Excel import) or manually input details into the system, where addresses are automatically verified.
  • Unique lender references link to job/applications for easy identification.
  • Automated verification against each application prior to submission, including property values and lender defined rules, allowing the broker to make amends.
  • Instant submission of applications in real-time direct to underwriters.
  • Ability to create new property portfolios based on previous application data.

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