31 May 2013

Independent Green Deal Advisors (GDAs) can now produce Green Deal Advice Reports (GDARs) with eTech’s SMART Property Assessment app, available on the iPad and iPad mini.


The SMART Property Assessment App is integrated with eTech’s SMART Property Hub, and is currently available to all GDAs accredited via Elmhurst or NHER Green Deal Advice Organisations, with other Accreditation Schemes coming on-line shortly.


We believe the success of the Green Deal will in a large part be linked to the ability of Independent GDAs to provide clear, consistent and reliable advice. We hope SMART Property Assessment App will help independent GDAs to build a reputation and a business on this basis within their local communities.


If you need further assistance or information on eTech’s Green Deal and ECO related products, please email us at sales@etech.net or call us on 0333 1234 288

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