26 Sep 2018

With the next phase of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme coming into effect on 1st October, when ECO3 will replace ECO2t, eTech have been busy behind the scenes working to ensure that their mobile and desktop energy software, including ECO Hub are fit for purpose and adapted to incorporate changes to the existing polices and regulations.


ECO3 is part of the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy and long-term commitment to home energy efficiency funding. The scheme aims to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat homes and reduce costs for homeowners through the installation of energy efficient measures. The Government pledge that the scheme will deliver energy efficiency and heating measures to 900,000 homes across Great Britain, with a focus entirely on low income, vulnerable and fuel poor households.


eTech have made significant upgrades to their ECO Hub platform which will enable energy suppliers to meet their ECO obligations through integrated software that controls the movement, validation and submission of data. These changes include a new a ECO3 deemed scores calculation engine, new data validation rules for reported measures and changes to Ofgem reporting.


As well as these essential upgrades which are fundamental to ensure that suppliers comply with ECO3, ECO Hub also boasts some improved features including a new dashboard providing complete oversight of reported measures with real-time updates, quicker processing of data to increase operational efficiency for suppliers and their contracted partners and a two-way messaging service providing a more effective method of communication.


eTech anticipate the need to support even more energy suppliers than before with the current supplier obligation threshold of 250,000 customer accounts to be reduced in a phased approach to 150,000 by 2020, meaning smaller suppliers currently not effected, may now become obligated if they meet this new threshold.


Rob Cartwright, Energy Solutions Director at eTech commented: “Ensuring changes to regulations are embedded within our software platforms is critical to our customers.  These changes are covered by their licence fees, so they can rest assured that they remain complaint as regulations change with no additional software costs for their business.”


ECO3 will run from Autumn 2018 until March 2022. For further information on the ECO3 scheme, please visit the Government website.

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