11 Feb 2019

We are pleased to announce that our deemed scores calculator will now be an integral part of our Partner Portal.


Partner Portal is a simple web-based tool for managing agent / installer companies working with Obligated Suppliers in the ECO industry to manage the entry of all measures they deliver.


Our easy to use and accurate deemed scores calculator has been a preferred tool of choice within the ECO industry, to calculate the potential value of measures, providing reliable scores. Throughout ECO2t the deemed scores calculator site was calculating in region of 2,500 scores per day, averaging about 400 unique users per day, proving to be very popular.


For the two years since the launch of ECO2t, our deemed scores calculator has been freely available to use at no cost. However, in order to continue this service, covering on-going development including maintaining score compliance with new measures throughout ECO3, we have moved to a subscription-based service accessible through Partner Portal.


Subscriptions fees will be applicable from 1st March 2019, with no charge for the remainder of February if you sign up now. We have made the subscription fees as simple and cost effective as possible, based on previous patterns of usage. Customers will be offered the following options:


Monthly Subscription Rates:


Deemed Score Calculation Volume Fee (plus VAT at the applicable rate)
50 £    20.00
100 £    30.00
200 £    40.00
400 £    50.00
1000 £  100.00
2000 £  190.00



Only one subscription is required per company, not per registered user.

Pricing for volumes over the above options are available on request.


Usage of the deemed scores calculator will be chargeable at a company level as the above table illustrates, with the exception of existing active eTech customers, who will have entitlement to use this service free of charge. New customers accessing Partner Portal for the first time, will be notified of any chargeable services, including the deemed scores calculator and directed to set up an account. Subscription fees will be collected by Direct Debit on a monthly basis in advance, with the first month to be paid upfront.


If you would like to take out a subscription to eTech’s deemed score calculator, please contact our client support services on 0333 123 4288 or email support@etech.net


For the full terms and conditions please click here.


Since the launch of ECO3 we have made several updates to the deemed scores calculator, which include:



As with all of our solutions we welcome feedback or requests for new features from our customers. If you have any comments about Partner Portal and the deemed scores calculator specifically, please contact us on support@etech.net or 0333 123 4288

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