09 Oct 2018

Now that we have entered the ECO3 phase of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation scheme, which came into effect on 1st October to replace ECO2t, eTech have today launched their new online deemed scores calculator tool, which supersedes the previous ECO2t version.


The Government’s scheme uses ‘deemed scores’ to assign projected savings from energy efficiency measures installed, calculated by taking into account existing property characteristics and main heating system.


The new calculator incorporates the deemed scores changes published by Ofgem on 23rd July 2018 and applicable to ECO3 for installations from 1st October 2018.


eTech’s deemed scores calculator makes life simple. The web-based interface is easy to navigate and click through. There is no need to interpret Ofgem’s property types and measure names. Heating and property type proxies are automatically applied; you don’t need to work these out, simply enter the actual details. All SWI materials are catered for and applicable U-values are calculated for you; and the best available uplift factor is automatically applied.

eTech’s deemed scores calculator is currently free to use and can be accessed here. However, please note that at some point in the near future, there will be a small charge to use this service.


If you’ve got any questions about eTech’s deemed score calculator, please contact our client support services on 0333 123 4288 or email support@etech.net


For more information about ‘deemed scores’ and the methodology employed in their creation for 2018-2022 ECO3 phase, please visit the Government’s website.


Please note; we are awaiting publication of Ofgem’s Delivery Guidance to confirm the SWI material and thickness combinations; current SWI scores are based on draft details received from Ofgem.  We are also awaiting clarification from Ofgem regarding some heating systems which are not mains gas but use a mains gas system as a proxy, for which Ofgem have not published a non mains gas insulation uplift score.

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