16 Dec 2015

eTech Solutions Limited are delighted to announce that we are to support Northleigh House School as our chosen charity for 2016. We wanted to find a charity to channel all our fundraising efforts into and after researching various national and local charities we discovered Northleigh House School, a local charity based in Hatton who are dedicated to helping bullied children get back into education. We’ve chosen this charity because of the fantastic work they do in the local community, and we know that every penny donated will make a genuine difference to the work of the school and the lives of the children they help.

Northleigh House School was established in 2012, founded by Viv and Fred to address the growing need for a safe, calm and progressive learning environment for secondary aged children who, mainly as a result of being bullied or perceiving themselves to have been so, cannot study in a large mainstream setting. For more information about Northleigh House School visit: http://www.northleigh.co.uk/

We will direct all our fundraising over the next year to Northleigh House School, and will also look at introducing a programme of volunteering for colleagues, whereby we can also help in a more practical way, including odd jobs such as gardening, painting and cleaning.

Our first fundraiser for Northleigh House School takes place this Friday – with our wear your Christmas jumper to work day!  We look forward to more fundraising events throughout 2016!

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