03 Mar 2017

Next week we will be holding two more SMART Survey training academy sessions for our newest users.


Through a hands-on training academy approach, students will gain a thorough understanding of how to use SMART Survey in the field.


What is SMART Survey from eTech? 

etech-lending-surveying-screens copy


SMART Survey is an app which enables surveyors to generate accurate and consistent Mortgage Valuation and HomeBuyer Reports on familiar RICS approved templates.


By completing a mapped and intelligent report on site on a mobile device, surveyors will require less administrative support, which not only saves time and money but also minimises PVQ’s, human error and reduces risk.


SMART Survey seamlessly integrates with Survey Hub – enabling the safe and secure exchange of risk data throughout the survey, valuation and lending process – improving communication, minimising delays and mitigating risk.


Surveying firms already benefitting from eTech technology include: eSurvErnest & Hawk, Gooch and BurleyHall and Benson, Pinnacle Surveyors, Pygott & Crone and SDL Surveying. Visit our Clients page.


Want to know more about eTech’s solutions for surveyors? Click here or call 0333 123 1414 or email info@etech.net.

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