14 Jun 2019

On 7th June Ofgem released an updated version of their ECO3 Deemed Scores to include additional scores for the smart thermostat measure type.

In response to this eTech have updated their deemed score calculator to incorporate the associated new measures for smart thermostat (with and without programmer and thermostat) and TRV, which is available now to subscribers via our Partner Portal solution.

Since eTech introduced the subscription service in February, over 50 organisations have subscribed, with calculation volumes increasing month on month by 25%, with over 6,000 deemed scores being calculated in the month of May this year.










If you would like to take out a subscription to eTech’s deemed score calculator, please contact our client support services on 0333 123 4288 or email support@etech.net.

For our current pricing and the full terms and conditions please click here.

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