14 May 2016

By Mark Blackwell, Lending and Services Director at eTech Solutions  

Collaborative technologies are changing the way we live and work. They are influencing the way we do and think about things in the commercial sphere with the concept of interoperability blossoming as the most efficient way of delivering techno logy solutions to business challenges.

lnteroperability has been around for a while. The bundling together of technologies to get the best solution has been with us since the dawn of time. The humble telephone uses a phone line and any caller can call any other on any network.

This methodology is now at work in the realm of mobile communications. The collaboration of processes and systems and the continued development of interoperable solutions which allow more efficient programming and systems can help advance costs and growth as well as customer satisfaction and engagement.

This joined up approach has evolved from necessity and underpins our way of communicating and exchanging information in a digital world. One-stop shop solutions are simply not agile enough or speedy enough to make the required changes that businesses need to stay ahead so they adopt ‘best of breed’ approaches that can move with the changes and deliver platforms and value chains that improve efficiencies and choice through greater suitability and functionality.

Although disruptive innovation involves a degree of short­ term change, a move towards integrating varying platforms has benefits for all. Previously fragmented value chains could work far better for mortgage lenders, brokers and surveyors with improved access and transparency in terms of data, work flow and a better standardization of lender forms.

These benefits deliver a robust understanding of the possible risks and the valuation from which all firms in the chain and their clients will benefit.

Mobile technology is clearly driving this change and it is likely we will see it more as technologies and our attitudes to IT continue to develop. Therefore, being ready to adopt the best solutions will become increasingly important in order to remain competitive in the ever­ changing market.

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