10 Nov 2016

Read the special feature in the November issue of Mortgage Finance Gazette.

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Mark Blackwell, Lending and Surveying Services Director and the Mortgage Finance Gazette Lunch Club recently held a round table discussion on the topic of data and technology helping the industry to understand the value of housing assets and property risk.



Back row right to left: Alan Tomlinson, group chief valuer, Yorkshire Building Society Group; Simon Jackson, chief operating officer, SDL Group; Richard Groom, head of core data products, RICS; Steve Goodall, managing director, Legal & General Surveying Services; Paul Raycollins, risk and governance director, e.surv; Mark Blackwell, lending and surveying services director, eTech Solutions
Front row right to left: Terry Jordan, head of mortgages marketing, future Williams and Glyn, RBS; Jim Driver, managing director, eTech Solutions; Joanne Atkin, group editor, Mortgage Finance Gazette; Tony Ward, president and CEO, Clayton Euro Risk

The questions discussed:


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